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AMB Packaging Pte Ltd is specialises in custom cardboard boxes. We provide everything you need when it comes to custom sized and printed corrugated shipping cartons.

Custom Boxes has been designing and manufacturing corrugated boxes for more than 50 years. This experience has allowed us to develop the best process for creating wonderful customised shipping boxes and getting them to our customers in an exceptionally timely manner. You can choose from a variety of box styles, from regular slotted container (RSC) boxes, which are the standard shipping boxes, to more specialised designs, depending on your needs. We can also manufacture your boxes in a range of strengths. So that no matter what you need to pack, move, or ship, our custom containers will hold up.

We control the entire process at our factory, utilizing our experience in design, printing, and manufacturing to produce the best custom boxes for our customers. Not only can you be assured that your boxes meet your exact specifications, but you can also feel good about helping the environment.

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